A Mini Update!

July 24, 2013 Random 1

Hi Everyone 🙂 It’s a rarity when I go several days without posting so I just wanted to post a little update to say why I’ve been absent(ish). I got a personal trainer. And it sucks 😛 Well technically, it’s awesome because he is putting me through the ringer for workouts and I already feel better all around except for the fact that I am EXHAUSTED when I get home. I knew there was a reason why I should have ensured my posts were scheduled this week … and this is it. When I get home, I eat and then I lay down and read. So on the plus side of it all, I’m getting a good amount of reading done but on the other I have barely looked at my computer since Sunday night! Anyways, no exciting reason just that I am extremely unfit and my muscles hate me at night 😛 Tomorrow(well today technically because I’m scheduling it) I am making a trip to the library and then coming home to relax and blog!! It’s unreal how much my reader piles up in several days so I can’t wait to read all the posts and have a relaxing evening!

I’ll see ya on Thursday folks 🙂

Correction: It is now 9:47pm on Thursday and what have I done? NOTHING. Seriously… this week is a disaster for my blog. Please forgive me dear love ones, I will be back in full swing by the weekend <3

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