Behind the Blog: Tips from an Organizer…Introduction

July 19, 2013 behind the blog, Organization 3

Behind the BlogIntroduction

It is absolutely not a secret of mine that I am obsessed with organization. Sometimes I think it would be far less time-consuming if I was disorganized or at least not hyper organized but every time I try to do something different my obsessive compulsive brain puts the kibosh to that idea and back to the organization I go. One thing I have learned from being organized is that I know where everything is, all the time, especially when it comes to blogging. I have so many systems in place to get things done that I’m not sure if I would be able to blog any other way. When I hosted a mini challenge back in March for Bloggiesta about creating a spreadsheet for reviews I received such astounding feedback that I decided to create my own feature about organization. I also want to thank the lovely Cass from Books with Cass for helping me with the name, feature names are her forte 😛

I am super organized, it’s the only way I can work, but I don’t expect that everyone will follow these guides to a tee. I also am, by no means, a professional organizer, these are just methods I’ve come up with to help myself so I am hoping that you might be able to get some hints and tips to make your life a bit easier as well… and we all would like more time away from the blog sometimes right?

Starting next week, I will be posting a topic a week until I’m done. It may go on for a few months depending on questions, topic suggestions, etc. I’d LOVE topic suggestions please! I have a few set up but these are things that I do and what helps me; there are definitely WORLDS of other topics to touch on and quite frankly I would love to cover ANY topic about organization 😛

Here are the topics that will be covered thus far(some of them may not be individual but grouped with another topic):

  • Email: Folders, Widgets & More
  • Google Calender
  • Evernote
  • Organizing your computer folders
  • Pocket & Bookmarks
  • TBR/Review Spreadsheet
  • WordPress Calender
  • Google Drive, Dropbox and Transferring
  • Book Buying Spreadsheet
  • Challenges Spreadsheet
  • Organizing Memes
  • Organizing Your Feed Reader

Like I said, this is what I’ve been working on so far. If you have any other suggestions please be sure to comment, email me, tweet me, or fill out the form below! I’d love to keep these feature going for a while!

Stay tuned for the first topic next week 🙂

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