Fall 2013 Bloggiesta Finish Line

September 23, 2013 bloggiesta 2

Bloggiesta Finish Line

Well Fall Bloggiesta is done and over for another year. I didn’t get quite as much accomplished as I had hoped too but still got a fair bit done. Here is my original list with my completion notes:

1. Check out all of the challenges
*What is IFTTT and How Do I Use It? 
*Link Love: Give Good SEO 
*Brainstorming for Post Ideas 
*How To Use Google Analytics 
*Digital Decluttering 
*Favorite WordPress Plugins 
*How To Make Goodreads Work For You 
*50 Bookish Things to Do Before You Die

I didn’t get all of the challenges completed that I had hoped, but I will definitely be utilizing those posts through the week because they are fantastic! I found out how to check my social networking with Google Analytics which was awesome because Analytics normally confuses me and I just end up using my StatCounter plugin. I also got a lot of great plugins, Evergreen being my favorite because it’s such a better automated Tweeter than Tweet Old Post in my opinion!

2. Participate in at least one Twitter chat
I didn’t get to participate in any of the Twitter chats which was disappointed because I had a great time last time. I’m going to set an alarm for the next Bloggiesta!

3. Blog hop to at least 10 blogs/goal lists
I visited a lot more blogs this year than ever before I think. I love looking at lists, and I actually got a lot of great future ideas 🙂

4. Write all pending reviews
Yup, this didn’t even happen… I think I got 2 out of 10 done!

5. Update review indexes/fix review indexes
I updated all indexes and also crossposted my reviews, posted to Pinterest & Stumbleupon which felt so accomplished 🙂

6. Draft at least 3 discussion posts
I didn’t get them finished but I rough drafted ideas & created the graphics so that’s a huge step up from where I was.

7.Draft at least 3 Tips from an Organizer posts
I didn’t complete them but once again, I jotted down rough ideas & created graphics.

8.Schedule until the at least the first week in October
This is about 95% done, with the exception of the discussion & tips from an organizer post plus any promotional posts I’m waiting on, finished 🙂

9.Format all old posts to match new theme
This is a HUGE task, one I think will take me the remainder of 2013… definitely didn’t come close to getting this completed.

10.Update all book blogger settings 
Got everything set up to how I like it, it actually took no time so I don’t know why I put it off so much!

10. Update all old Author Taxonomies
This is about 50% done. It also comes into play with matching my old posts to new theme… it will take a while.

11. Schedule Tweets for posts
This was actually super simple to complete, every time I drafted a post, I scheduled the Tweet 😛

12.Update all pages
Only about 50% done… I hate doing this in all honesty!

13. Check links
When my RSS feed broke a couple of weeks ago, it has caused me to panic immensely about this so I now check them anyway every couple of weeks. I didn’t have to do a lot because I knew quite a few were fine, but I still rechecked.

14. Check blogroll
This also needed to be done for a while because I had some outdated buttons/broken links.

15. Check out Mailchimp
Didn’t even touch on this… I really need to sit down and check this one out.

16. Back up blog
Done 🙂

17. Update tags/categories
I didn’t start this at all!

18. Update review policy
Updated this entirely, which was great because I hadn’t since June!

19. Empty emails
About 50% done? This was a lot of work!

20. Empty reader/reorganize
About 80% done… again so much freakin work!!!

What did you get completed for Bloggiesta?? Link up your finish line posts 🙂


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