FanExpo Canada Recap 2013

August 24, 2013 FanExpo Canada, Random 9

SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! I WENT TO FanExpo πŸ™‚ AND I LOVED IT!!! I couldn’t even resist waiting until Sunday to post this so here it goes now; Oh and be warned, this post is very picture heavy!

After last years incredibly long, hot wait for tickets on Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I decided that we were going to purchase our tickets online and go to advance pickup earlier in the week to get them PLUSΒ we were going to take the day off work, and go on Friday instead of Saturday. I am SO glad we decided to take the day off and go Friday. I loved how many people were there last year, and the amount of beautiful costumes but it was just so busy, congested and tiring and Friday was a totally different experience for us.

I could barely sleep last night, but that’s no surprise, I’m always like that when I’m excited! We hopped on the GoTrain early enough this morning that we would be able to get breakfast before we went in. OH! And we packed snacks this year… GREAT idea. The lineups for the food courts are insane, and honestly most of the food isn’t worth the insane convention price so we loaded up on snacks and refreshments and it worked perfectly. Between the super large breakfast we ate and our eclectic variety of food items we didn’t need to pick up anything at the expo πŸ™‚

I was going for a Harry Potter theme this year:
Harry Potter toenailsΒ Β Harry Potter TShirts

One of the main differences we noticed straight away was the fact that we hardly had to wait for anything. We strolled right in at the main doors, no lineups for authors, hardly any significant line ups (until the end of the day) at the booths and a huge difference in the amount of people. It was so funny because there was literally thousands of people there for sure, and it was still much less busy than Saturday πŸ˜›

Since I had such a hard time trying to find the authors last year I wanted to make sure I did that first. Not all of the authors I had hoped were there but I got to see two of them πŸ™‚ I first met Linda Poitevin who is so sweet and friendly. Luckily I was a ton less nervous than last year so I had an actual conversation with her, lol. Parajunkee actually designed her banner that was there, so it was awesome to see that. I actually only purchased the first book initially and then later my boyfriend was like, why didn’t you get the second one? And I had no answer. It seemed strange to him, my being a book hoarder and all πŸ˜‰ I then popped back to get the second one. Next up I got to meet Eve Silver! I was really excited to pick up a copy of her debut YA novel, Rush. I’ve been meaning to pick it up for a while because it sounds so interesting so when I heard she was going to be at FanExpo I was pumped! She was so incredibly sweet as well. I always have the best experiences meeting authors at FanExpo!

Linda PoitevinΒ Β Eve Silver

Ok… the next several paragraphs will include immense fangirling. I knew that Jason Priestly and Luke Perry were going to be there this year and I was DYING to get their autographs and a photo. Beverly Hills 90210 has long been one of my all time favorite television shows. I loved it when I was a young girl(probably WAY too young to watch it, lol), as a teenager and straight through until now. Hey, there is nothing like putting on a box set of 90s teenage drama… love it. When I peered over the balcony on the way into the North Building to line up, I seen Luke Perry and immediately started to cry. This is what happens to me… I have way to many emotions, lol. I think my boyfriend was mentally preparing himself for what was about to take place lol. I lined up for Luke Perry and the closer I got the more I wanted to run. I could not BELIEVE it was HIM! I was definitely a Dylan fan more than a Brandon fan. When I got up to the counter I was practically full on sobbing, I could barely get two words out, but he was so freaking nice. He was like holding on to my hand while he was talking and I was nearly dying lol. I then got the photos. And he hugged me. And I shook like a leaf and almost passed out. I’m serious, it was almost life changing. I then got in line to get Jason Priestly’s autograph and was far more contained! I actually had a wonderful conversation with him when I got to the table and reacted like a normal person πŸ˜› Both of them were incredibly kind and really took the time with each person, it made me so happy. One of my worst fears meeting people like this is that they will be rude and my childhood dreams will be crushed! I seriously was the happiest freaking person at that Expo today… I am certain πŸ˜›

Luke Perry & IΒ My teen dream :P

After that we headed back into the South building and took the time at all the booths. There was a ton of great booths this year and the stock was pretty good. Last year we hardly got anything because the stock was quite low by Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t the case for Friday afternoon, and I got almost everything that I had wanted to! My boyfriend picked up a ton of great games for fantastic prices so he was over the moon. By about 3:30 we were just about ready to pack it in. We had huge, heavy bags, swollen feet(ok that was me, lol) and were incredibly tired. We ended the day with a great TexMex meal at Lonestar’s, complete with country tunes πŸ˜›

I had an absolutely fantastic time this year at the expo. Everyone I met was incredible, the costumes were terrific and there was a ton of great vendors and a wicked variety. Will be heading back next year for sure πŸ™‚

Fan Expo Collage

Fan Expo Collage 2The first 7 photos are all made of legos πŸ™‚ I freaking love the Lego displays! The 8th photo is in fact an Ravenclaw bathrobe… I’m in love. The 9th is a SOA t-shirt.

Fan Expo Collage 3What I finished up the day with <3 The necklace is actually the phase of the moon I was born on, The Full Blue Moon! Amazing jewelry company! The prints are from a great artist who was there last year and I also got some.

Ok, that’s all guys! If you stuck through this entire post… congrats to you *award given*. That was a long one!

Stacking the Shelves will be posted tomorrow, Sunday instead (for this week only!).


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    • Lauren

      Thanks Asti πŸ™‚ It’s a very surreal feeling because you watch them on TV and then you are talking to him… it’s just weird, lol. No, they definitely didn’t burst my childhood love, they were incredibly sweet and kind and I think I love them MORE!

    • Lauren

      Thanks so much Leigh πŸ™‚ The shirts are always my favorite part, I love pop culture shirts and it’s SO HARD to find them at regular stores! I’m glad someone else gets super excited before things too… everyone always makes fun of me because of it πŸ˜›

  1. Annie

    You lucky girl! I really wanted to go to FanExpo this year but couldn’t unfortunately. These pictures are great though and I’m getting excited just flipping through them. I’m so happy you met Luke and Jason. It’s weird to think that the people you watch on TV are REAL. They really are just mythical creatures until you actually see them in person.
    Annie recently posted..Reflect & Renew: August 2013My Profile

    • Lauren

      Lol, it is true!! You will have to try for next year… it’s worth EVERY negative thing you might think. Even the waits πŸ˜›

    • Lauren

      You definitely need to go next year Liz!! It will actually be crazy I assume because it’s the 20th anniversary. My boyfriend and I have decided we are actually going to go two days next year instead. The floor is so busy and huge plus trying to see everything (celebs & panels) that the day is jam packed and tiring (but worth it!!). There were so many awesome costumes!! It was one of the things I missed about not going on Saturday, it’s definitely the best day for costumes πŸ™‚

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