I’m Back :)

May 26, 2014 Uncategorized 4

Hi everyone !!!! Oh, how I have missed everyone… and blogging … and reading! I thought I would have much more time over my holidays but I had zero time, in fact I have no idea how the time went away so quickly! I enjoyed the time with my Mom and we were busy trying to get the new place together. It’s definitely not put together yet, there is so much work (gah … decorating haha) but it’s getting there. Over the weekend I’ve been working at my emails and Feedly but that is a slow process as well haha. I have a ton of reviews to write, comments to respond to and books to read but I will get there! Anyway, this is just a quick pop on to say I am BACK (and so freaking happy to be… I think I love blogging even MORE now :P)!!!


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