Review Copy Cleanup 4.0

February 2, 2014 reading challenges 9

Review Copy Cleanup*Hosted by Books, Biscuits and Tea & Nyx Book Reviews*

Review Copy Cleanup is a month long event where you commit to reading as many review copies as you can in the hopes of clearing out your pile a bit! If you are interested in signing up, you can do so here!

I really need this challenge. Like, really. I hope to get all my pending February and March reads done as well as clean up my outstanding reads from January. I’m putting aside my TBR reads for the most part, so I’m really hoping I can make some heavy progress with my review copies. I’m drastically behind already and it’s only February, so in order for me to get this order I need to get on this!

The Books

Forever  Uninvited  Perfect Lies  Faking Normal  The Summer I Found You  Panic  Promise of Shadows  Seeking Her  No One Else Can Have You  Her Dark Curiosity  Fugitive X  Salt  Believe

And that is what I HOPE to accomplish. Honestly, as long as I read up to Promise of Shadows I will be perfectly content. Those are the upcoming review dates, and when I get those accomplished I’m going to start working backwards. It might seem kind of odd, but I am never going to get caught up if I keep going into the past due reviews. Once I get a bit ahead I think my feet will be moving a bit faster!

I plan on doing weekly updates, on Sundays where I will talk about my progress for the week and also a bit of book chat. I miss just raving (or ranting!) about books, and since most of these are before release date, I will be doing a bit of that.

Are you participating in the cleanup? What are your goals? Link up please!


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    • Lauren

      YES 🙂 I really need it to start the year off right. If I get behind now… it’s not going to be a great start for the coming months, lol.

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