Review Policy

Thanks for taking the time in considering me for your book review however please keep in mind I am not a professional reviewer. I do this for pure enjoyment as I love to read. I do not accept monetary compensation for my reviews although some books may have been provided in exchange for an honest review.

Review requests are closed until 2015 with the following exceptions:
1. I have previously worked with you in the past
2. The book is currently on my TBR list[Goodreads]. 

I will review:

  • Young Adult books of almost all sub genres including but not limited to paranormal, paranormal romance, horror, contemporary & dystopian.
  • New Adult contemporaries & paranormal romance.

What I may consider reviewing:

  • Historical fiction in the young adult genre
  • adult romance
  • adult paranormal romance
  • adult thriller/mystery.

What I am not likely or will not review:

  • elementary or middle grade books
  • adult historical fiction
  • biographies
  • religious themes
  • self-help
  • graphic novels
  • poetry or verse
  • erotica
  • any books written in text/IM format.

I will accept print copies(all formats), .mobi format(Kindle) and .epub(Kobo) format however I live in Canada so please keep this in mind if you would like to send me a print copy of your book.

do review Indie/self-published books however at this time as I have a very long list to review(of Indie books) I am being very selective with taking on more.

I am able to host guest posts and giveaways, interviews, participate in blog tours, and post any other book-related material including trailers.

My Reviews:

All reviews include:
-Book title/author
-Page Number
-Series information

-Publication Details(Date & Publisher)
-Links for purchase on Amazon/Kobo/The Book Depository via my affiliate links** and links for Chapters Indigo/B&N/Smashwords(on occasion) with non affliate links
-Synopsis from Goodreads
Link to Goodreads
-My Thoughts & review
-/5 Star Rating(See below)
-How the book was obtained(purchase, provided, etc…)
*I am also willing to post any promotional material upon request

In addition to my blog I also post reviews on Goodreads & Amazon as well as promote my posts/reviews on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, & Pinterest.  I am able to also post on Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and other sites upon request.

do not post DNF reviews on my blog however I do post a short reason why on Goodreads.

Your Request:

Please provide with me the cover art/link to available cover, synopsis, publication date and a link to where I can read more about the book(goodreads/amazon) via email. Please also keep in mind if an email copy of your book is sent with the request this does not assume I will review it. I choose to accept requests at my own discretion, bearing in my mind whether it will be a good match for my blog and whether it is a something I feel I would enjoy.

If you require a certain time frame for the book to be reviewed please include that in the request. Otherwise reviews are posted within one week of the publication date.

Unfortunately I will not review a series out of order.  Please confirm I have read the previous books in the series prior to submitting your request.

Rating System:

I stick closely to the Goodreads rating system so it is easier for me to post my reviews and have the rating translate.

1 Star – I did not like it at all.

2 Stars – It was OK. I wouldn’t recommend it.

3 Stars – I liked it, but not loved it. Would recommend.

4 Stars – I loved it!

5 Stars – It was amazing, I absolutely adored it! It’s a favorite and I highly recommend!



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