Top Ten Tuesday (98)

August 18, 2015 Top Ten Tuesday 2

Top Ten Tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday is  a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Of Your Auto-buy Authors

Since I have already done this topic here, I have decided to pick a whole different set of auto-buy authors because since 2013 my list has definitely increased by TONS!

Sarah J. Maas Karen Ann Hopkins Kasie West Paula Stokes Leigh Bardugo

1. Sarah J. Maas • I will forever read any and everything that this lady writes. I am absolutely obsessed with her Throne of Glass series and I am going to be starting her new release, A Court of Thorns and Roses very soon. I love the way she writes fantasy, her worldbuilding, her characters… AHH!  
2. Karen Ann Hopkins • I have read every single one of Karen Ann Hopkins books, and it’s just not enough for me! Every time I see she has a new release coming up I’m SO excited for its release. 
3. Kasie West • From the moment I finished Pivot Point, her debut book, I knew she would be an auto-buy author and it’s held true since then. I adore everything she writes, but more specifically, her contemporaries. They are books I just want to hug to be chest and read over and over again. 
4. Paula Stokes • The Art of Lainey is still one of my favorite books and secured her as an auto-buy author for me. Right now I am currently in the process of tracking down the books she wrote as Fiona Paul as they are out of print because I need them all!
5. Leigh Bardugo • I loveeeee Leigh Bardugo’s writing. I haven’t finished The Grisha Trilogy yet, but I’ve still preordered her upcoming release 😛 Oops! She is just a phenomenal fantasy writing so I will be writing all her books!

Tarryn Fisher Gillian Flynn Katie Cotugno Gretchen McNeil Huntley Fitzpatrick

6. Tarryn Fisher • Love, love, love. Every single book I have read that she wrote, I adored. I own all of her books but still have yet to read two of them, so she is definitely an auto-buy author for me – I buy her books well before I will even get to read them because I have to have them all now!
7. Gillian Flynn • After reading Gone Girl, I fell in love with her writing style and I promptly went and both of her other novels. I love the way she writes completely unlikeable characters that I somehow end up liking by the end. And her stories are so twisted – exactly my cup of tea! I need more soon!
8. Katie Cotugno • When I read How to Love I knew that I would be picking up her next book without hesitation. After reading 99 Days I know for sure that Katie Cotugno is definitely an auto-buy author for me. I love her writing.
9. Gretchen McNeil • I’ve only read 3 of Gretchen McNeil’s books but I’ve enjoyed every single one. I own two of her other books though and I need to make them a priority soon! 
10. Huntley Fitzpatrick • I’ve only read My Life Next Door so far, but much like the other authors here… after the first book I knew I would be buying all of them! I am definitely going to be reading her other two books before the end of the summer because they are definitely perfect summer reads!

Who are your auto-buy authors?!


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