Partials Read-A-Long

July 30, 2012 read a longs 6

Partials Read-A-Long

Hi Guys! I’ve decided to take part in a read-a-long for Partial by Dan Wells.  I purchased this before my vacation and have been dying to read it ever since so this is the perfect opportunity! This read-a-long is hosted by Bumbles and Fairy-Tales & Books With Cass and runs from July 30th 2012 to August 30th 2012.

Here is the reading schedule:

Week 1 – Part 1, read pages 1 – 134
Week 2 – Part 2, read pages 135 – 239
Week 3 – (still Part 2 ) read pages 240 – 349
Week 4 – Part 3 read pages 350 – 472

I’m super excited! I love read-a-longs because you get to discuss the book with people reading it at the same time as you and it’s so interesting to see the idea’s that others come up with as you go!

Happy Reading
xo Lauren

6 Responses to “Partials Read-A-Long”

    • Lauren

      I love read-a-long’s, sometimes I do the group reads if it’s a book I have been looking forward to. It’s fun to discuss someone that is just as far as you in a book, no secrets revealed 🙂

  1. Melvin Miller

    It’s great to see that you enjoy what you’re doing. Stay encouraged.

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