Top Ten Tuesday(5)

August 28, 2012 Top Ten Tuesday 6

Top Ten Tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.
Top Ten Bookish Confessions
1. I cannot walk by Coles/Chapters without visiting. Everyday: This is absolute lunacy. I have to walk by one on my way to catch the train home and I absolutely cannot go by it without going in. I check the bargain table, then the YA section and then leave. Except 9/10 I buy a book. It’s nuts… which also leads into my next one.
2. I often go to the OTHER Chapters(which is also very close) so I don’t look so “crazy”: There is another Chapters that is about 3 minutes away from the one I pass by. As I clearly need to just enter a bookstore every single day I will about twice a week go to this one instead. I feel the people don’t look at me and think, “Jeez here she is again”. lol.

3. Rambling about books: If you tell me you have even read one book in the past year, or if I see you reading a book(especially if I have read that book and loved it) you might as well just run and hide. I will verbally harass you about books/reading/book recommendations for the rest of your existence. I realize I’m doing it and it’s like I can’t stop… a lot of my friends aren’t bookish, which is one of the reasons why I started blogging but the ones that read slightly I’m sure they cringe when they see me coming as they know at least once in a conversation I’m gonna start blabbering about reading.

4. Reading as a child: When I say I started reading as a child, it’s not an exaggeration. It’s more like toddler. From the age I could understand what a book was I was obsessed with them. My parents actually had to put all my books in my crib at night because I needed them all with me. This also may have been in part that my younger sister would eat my books so I needed to guard them, lol.

5. Tablet reading(ebooks): This has two parts. One… my boyfriend forced me to get a tablet/ereader as the addiction is all consuming. I have books everywhere. I finally decided to get a tablet as it has other uses and then I can have all ebook apps on there. This option was not to his advantage like he thought. Amazon has loads of free books, ebooks have amazing deals and e-galleys. I am in fact obtaining more books then before! Two… if I buy an ebook on sale and I love it I then have to buy the hardback. The entire plan was a miserable fail, lol.

6. Skipping to the last page: Mmmhmmm that is right. Sometimes it just has to happen. When I finished Delirium I was sobbing like a child and I could NOT go on until I knew if Alex was alive. So I immediately grabbed Pandemonium and skimmed the entire book until the very last page to find out if he was alive. Once I found out, I started at the first and read the entire book full well knowing what was going to happen! On the other side of this, don’t you DARE spoil a book for me. I spoil them on my own accord 😛

7. Bargain books: There is something about bargain books that causes an imbalance in my brain. I need to own them. Chapters Indigo has a wicked selection of bargain books at any given time and it doesn’t matter how many book buying bans I try to go on, if their is a book in the bargain section and it’s on my TBR(of over 700 books mind you) it will be mine. Even if there are 20.

8. Lending with dust jackets: I will never do this, ever. My dust jackets are my babies. I won’t even read with them on myself let along allow these to be in someone Else’s possession. Just last night I was getting Insurgent reading to bring to work to lend to a friend and I took the dust jacket off and layed it on top of my dresser. My boyfriend was like, “how come you took that off?”.  I turned around and shouted “WHAT?!”.  His reply was, “I clearly was supposed to know the answer to that question.” The look I gave him was if to say he was not well… it actually gives me heart palpitations to think about my dust jackets in the (in)capable hands of others.

9. Covers: I judge. Come ON… everyone does it a little bit! If its beautiful and a ton of crap, you can bet I will buy that whole freaking series just to have all the beautiful covers on my bookshelf.

10. Stolen English books: OK. This is awful and I cannot believe I am admitting this. I have kept almost every single English book that I have ever had to read. Even if I hated it. One reason is have you ever seen the torture these poor books go through? Honestly no one (pardon me…) gives a shit about them! The covers are falling off, the spines are broken, pages are falling out, there is writing all over them. It hurts me physically. So I have taken it upon my self to provide them with a loving home. And to be honest, I didn’t do it consciously.. it was all subconsciously 😛

So after all of that(and I could go on with at least 5 more!) I have realized I am absolutely out of my mind, and have waaayyyy more OCD habits that I would have cared to admit, but all in the spirit of good fun 🙂

What are your confessions???

Happy Reading,
xo Lauren

6 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday(5)”

  1. Peppermint Ph.D.

    I sooooo skip to the end to find out if a character makes it, whether a huge issue will be worked out, etc. When the story gets too tense, I have to check the end so I can slow down and enjoy the story…my oldest daughter gets so mad at me when I do this :/
    Btw, I forgot and left this one off my list :/

    • Lauren

      Its so true! Even if I walk past two bookstores, there is this pull to go in 😀

      Thanks for stopping by Kaina! I’ll be sure to check out your blog and thanks for following!

    • Lauren

      Sometimes it just can’t be helped, lol! The only time I went to the end was Pandemonium… normally it’s just a chapter or two 😛

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